Artwork Requirements

Digital File Formats Accepted
  • Vector/Outline Based Images (Illustrator)
    • Illustrator CS5 Compatible
    • Convert all text to curves/outlines
    • Include all embedded files and images
    • Mac Users, save files as .eps with PC Preview
  • Bitmap/Pixel Based Images (Photoshop)
    • RGB Color Mode
  Saving large format images from photoshop
  • All images should be layed out at actual size
  • Please determine the appropriate resolution from the chart below
  • When saving your file, please choose Photoshop EPS format from the dropdown list
  • After clicking save, please enter the settings below in the EPS options window. . .
Print Size Avg Viewing Distance Resolution
0-3 sq. ft 3 ft. 300-600 dpi
4-12 sq. ft 8 ft. 150-300 dpi
13-32 sq. ft 16 ft. 80-200 dpi
32+ sq. ft 32 ft. 75-150 dpi

Resolutions are dependant upon your application and its viewing distance

Please do not submit .jpg compressed or low resolution .bmp bitmapped files as the quality of these file formats does not lend well to the extreme enlargements required to produce signs.

Choosing a font style

One of the most important decisions for your sign.

When picking a sign, choosing the right font is one of the most important decisions.

With thousands of fonts available, it is not easy. So we have come up with these six standard font styles that will help your sign convey your message with the look that compliments it. Choose the style that you feel conveys the image you are looking for. Remember, you are not choosing a font, only a style. Feel free to ask a designer for help, we will guide you to the perfect sign for your needs.

Key considerations when choosing a font


Your signage is your identity. Choose a font that best matches the culture of your company.


Fonts have the ability to evoke emotion. Choose the font that best captures the emotion you would like your customers to experience.


When picking a font, consider the size of your text and the distance it will be read from.