Product Code: IDOT35
Availability: 5 Business Days
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(Mon. - Fri. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST)

Ramp/Trailblazer signs are attached to the blue ramp panels that are on the off ramps. Logo panels for Camping Open Seasonally are 22" x 24".

  • 0.191" diameter(#11 wire gauge drill) Holes
  • Reflective Sheeting Type 111-1 *high intensity or better meeting Sec. 718, FHWA FP-85
  • 0.080" to 0.125" Flat Sheet Aluminum Sign Blanks

We follow the strict guidelines supplied by IDOT and work with them to follow the process through. To learn more click here.

Step 1: Contact your IDOT District Office to complete a Business Logo Application.
Step 2: When you receive your approval letter from IDOT, contact our office with the information.
Step 3: You will need to supply our office with a digital copy of your business's logo so that we can put a proof together for you to review.
Step 4: Once you have approved the proof. You will need to forward the proof on to your IDOT representative for approval. If you supply us with your IDOT representative's name, email and phone number, we would be more than happy to forward the proof for you.
Step 5: As soon as we receive approval from both you and your IDOT representative, we will proceed with production.
Step 6: When production is complete, we can either contact you to pickup the panels from our office, or we can deliver the panels directly to IDOT. IDOT will be installing the panels for you.

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